some one made a post Of my work with incorrect information

Hey I have No clue what to do I was Informed from a friend some work I was doing for someone whom is being Rather rude, in the description. The suiter Broke contract By calling my friends, and going to my brother in-laws home to "find me". So I gave them the suit with A never talk to me warning for their stalking and harassment. this "kassandra watson" Never built the suit My self Nataya Em Rawrz and my Husband Kazer dragon wolf built the suit for 325.00, we Gave it to said person At megaplex 2011 and he broke it and I offered repairs. it stat's I'm not open for commissions... I never made an account On the fursuit data base.... So how can I not be open for commissions when i am open for commissions?

I am confused By this What do?
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FURRY CRUISE 1 month left to book

Hello everyone I wanted to give those interested in attending a friendly reminder that we are down to just over 1 month before deposits are due for reserving.

for those people unfamiliar with the cruise wondering what it is all about hear is a link to last years photos

Booking information can be found at



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fursuit head washing ?

(cross post from fursuit community)
Hi all

I have listen to most of people and had been cleaning the inside part of my fursuit head with lyson antibacterial spray and air dry it. But after a while it gets pretty sticky and ewww. Though the head was made out of foam but I can't wash it under water due to the way it's built, so my question is if I want to get the inside of the head clean, what do I need to do besides constantly spray anti-bacteria stuff in it?

I was thinking spray rubbing alcohol, or brush with baking soda water, would that work ?

I don't know if this topic had been brought up before (pretty sure it did), if there were previous posts someone please direct me to those posts thank you.

Thanks !



Booking is now open for the 2010 furry cruise the fallowing information covers date time and departure point as well as our options for available cabins types and how to contact our travel agent. please remember to travel with us you will need A PASSPORT OR ENHANCED DRIVERS LICENSE this year. if you have any questions about the cruise or booking this year feel free to leave a comment to the LJ link below or contact me at


LJ post





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Twitter & misc

Well, been a long time since the last update ;)
No worries it's not dead, some things are just taking longer than expected *g* ;)

But for those on twitter you can now get new fursuits notifications & main news updates there:

RSS to follow.
There's already RSS for users for the map,
just need to generalize it to suits & builders ;)
That way you don't miss anything :)

After different cancellations & delays,
2010 should finally get a new prettier design ;)
The browse mode was the first step but a complete redesign is on the way. Hopefully before the 2K suits hit ;)

There's still a lot of work left to do, but it will get there,
along with unpiling from the huge todo list of things to enhance and add to the DB.

As usual if you have suggestions or remarks, direct them my way.
Depending how long it would take, I can't promise to implement your request right away, but it'll get there eventually if it's something that would benefits others. :)
I'm aware of already many things that are not the most practical as I use the DB myself too,
but it doesn't hurt to let me know your thoughts too :)

If I get notified that more people want this or that first, then I can prioritize this or that ;)