Timduru (timduru) wrote in fur_suits,

Twitter & misc

Well, been a long time since the last update ;)
No worries it's not dead, some things are just taking longer than expected *g* ;)

But for those on twitter you can now get new fursuits notifications & main news updates there:

RSS to follow.
There's already RSS for users for the map,
just need to generalize it to suits & builders ;)
That way you don't miss anything :)

After different cancellations & delays,
2010 should finally get a new prettier design ;)
The browse mode was the first step but a complete redesign is on the way. Hopefully before the 2K suits hit ;)

There's still a lot of work left to do, but it will get there,
along with unpiling from the huge todo list of things to enhance and add to the DB.

As usual if you have suggestions or remarks, direct them my way.
Depending how long it would take, I can't promise to implement your request right away, but it'll get there eventually if it's something that would benefits others. :)
I'm aware of already many things that are not the most practical as I use the DB myself too,
but it doesn't hurt to let me know your thoughts too :)

If I get notified that more people want this or that first, then I can prioritize this or that ;)

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