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MFM 14 - Where The Wild Things Are - Southern Style!!

MFM 14 – Welcome Home To Where The Wild Things Are - Southern Style!!

Labor Day Weekend 2010 - September 3 - 5
Guest of Honor: Razzek - http://razzek.deviantart.com/

It will be here before we know it when Tyger will open MFM 14 with these words “Welcome Home”. That’s right, we are quickly approaching the start of Mephit Fur Meet 2010, the place so many of us now call home. Make your plans now to attend one of the BEST gatherings in the furry community. This year what better way to welcome you home with our theme "Where The Wild Things - Southern Style! There is no wilder bunch than then Furs and we at MFM are all about showing Southern Hospitality! Fun, Furs, Friends and a lot of surprises!

Yes, Welcome Home brings a very special meaning to this year's MFM!! We are please to now call The Whispering Woods Hotel & Conference Center our new home. How many other Furry gatherings do you know can claim to having their own 175 acre retreat center to call home?!
See below for booking instructions and special information - You MUST book your room directly with the hotel!

--=={ T-Shirt Contest }==--


The rules for 2010's T-Shirt Contest are:

1) What's up for grabs?

There are three chances for your artwork to be selected for MFM's T-Shirts.
Attendees Choice - The winner of the Attendees Choice will have their artwork featured on the front of the MFM T-Shirts. This is chosen by you, the attendees.
Director's Choice - The winner of the Director's Choice will be featured on the back of the MFM T-Shirt.
Staff Choice - This will be chosen by the staff and be featured on their staff shirts
Each winner will receive a free attending membership.

2) Who is eligible to enter?

Everyone! To be fair to all artists, we are continuing the requirement this year that the winner of the previous year's Attendees Choice will not be eligible for this year's Attendees Choice. They will still be allowed to enter, and may be considered for either the Director's Choice or Staff Choice.

3) What do I submit?
The overall rating for the piece should be a "G" to "PG" rating - if you wouldn't wear it in your elderly grandmother's house, don't put it on your entry! The piece must feature a skunk as the main subject or subjects. It should also bear either "Mephit FurMeet" or "MFM" as well as the year or corresponding anniversary number (i.e.: 2010 or 14). Entries that misspell the name of the convention will be disqualified.

Our theme this year is "Welcome Home To Where The Wild Things Are - Southern Style"

For an entry to be eligible for voting, two versions of the entry MUST be submitted - one for display/voting, and a second, higher-resolution piece for use should that entry win or be selected for other use by a member of staff.

Display Piece: No more than 800 x 600, This display piece should not contain a signature to show who created this (We will go into more detail on this later). Artists need not worry about misuse of their artwork, as this piece will be watermarked by the staff as being an MFM T-Shirt Entry prior to being placed on the website for display. The "Display Piece" should be submitted as a .JPG or .GIF.

Final Piece: This will be the actual artwork used by our printing company to make the t-shirts, or the staff should your piece be used in any other function. This finished work SHOULD contain a signature which will appear on the t-shirt. The recommended dimensions are at least 10 inches high at 300 dots per inch or higher. The "Final Piece" should be submitted in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format, although TIFF or EPS will also be acceptable. This is by request of our printer that it be sent as Illustrator format.

Both the display and the final piece must be black and white ONLY

When the artwork has been received, you will be notified within 72 hours that it was received. If you did not receive a notification within 72 hours, please do not resend your email, but instead a follow up to see if it was received and the administrator of the contest just plain forgot *grin*.

4) Display of artwork

Once again, we will be running a 'blind' contest. We will only display the title of the piece, not who the creator is. By doing this, we hope to make the contest fairer by making everyone choose the submission based upon the piece itself, not the artist. Voting will be the same as in previous years - commencing for one week, after which votes determined to be ineligible will be discarded and the design which gets the majority of valid votes will be the winner.

After voting has finished and the director's choice has been selected, the t-shirt entry page will be updated with the names of the artists who submitted each entry.

5) When do you need it?
Cutoff Date for Submitting Entries is 11:59 PM Central time on Thursday, July 1, 2010.

6) Where do we send it?
Please submit all entries to tshirt2010@mephitfurmeet.org

7) Other things.

Each artist may enter up to three pieces for inclusion in the contest. The administrator of the contest shall abstain from voting. The rules for voting will remain the same as in past years, where for a vote to be valid, the corresponding email address must be subscribed to one of Mephit FurMeet's mailing lists. IP Addresses will be logged, and MFM reserves the right to disqualify multiple votes from the same IP.

8) Some stuff you need to know (Better read it, it affects you!)

By submitting an entry to the Mephit FurMeet T-Shirt contest, you are granting Mephit FurMeet and its parent corporation, Mid South and Tennessee Anthropomorphic Arts Association (MST3A) an irrevocable, non-exclusive license to use the entry for promotional purposes. The original creators of the work are permitted to use the work in their own portfolios and promotions. Mephit FurMeet and MST3A reserve the right to review all entries and not allow any entry that it deems inappropriate (i.e.: drug/alcohol references, violent or sexual content, or possible trademark/copyright violations).

MFM shall in no way be responsible for entries that are lost in transit, either via email or postal service. If we do not receive an entry before an established cutoff date, the entry will not be included in the contest. Also, if you do not submit both required versions, your entry will not be included.

--=={ Hotel Reservation Info, Rooms Going Fast! }==--


I have been working hard with the hotel to clear up a few duplicate room reservations and also we have been able to get the block of rooms being held for another group (they were moved to the sister hotel of WW) But once this last block of rooms is gone they will be GONE!!! The hotel will be taking a waitlist and I will be working with them to get the reservations confirmed at the Fairfield in that is also on property (about a block across the lawn from the main hotel)

MFM will be at our new home this year!
Welcome to Whispering Woods Hotel & Conference Center!

Set in the midst of 175 beautifully wooded acres, Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center is the ideal place to get down to business. Whispering Woods, located on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee, is the perfect place.Whispering Woods proudly features 181 newly renovated guest rooms, over 40,000 square feet of first class meeting space and the areas finest catered cuisine. All this and more within an easy drive of Memphis International Airport, the famous Beale Street music scene and the nations 3rd largest casino market, Tunica, Mississippi.

Each of our spacious, newly renovated guestrooms and parlor suites at Whispering Woods were designed and tastefully appointed with your comfort in mind. You’ll appreciate the numerous in-room conveniences.

Features include elctronic door locks, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards, radio alarm clocks, coffee makers, premium cable television and in-room movies, well lighted work area, phone with voice mail, call waiting and data port, hi-speed wireless internet access, on-demand climate control and full length blackout drapes. Every room features sliding glass doors leading out to a balcony overlooking the beautiful grounds. In response to customer preference, Whispering Woods became a smoke free establishment effective January 1, 2007. There is no smoking anywhere inside the hotel facilty. However, designated outdoor smoking locations are available at the numerous entrances to the hotel. THE HOTEL DOES CHARGE A $150 FEE IF CAUGHT SMOKING IN YOUR ROOM

Whispering Woods DOES allow ADA qualified service animals ONLY. Please let then know when you are making your reservation you will have a service animal.

Relax in our new outdoor swimming pool and shoot some hoops on our basketball court. In addition, the hotel provides a gazebo and open space for scavenger hunts or team building activities.
Indoors, get a complete workout in our fitness room equipped with treadmills, and elliptical bicycle.

Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center is situated just minutes from Memphis, TN in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Convenient and accessible to Interstates 240, 55 and 40 (15 minutes), Memphis International Airport MEM (20 minutes), and Downtown/Graceland/Beale Street (25 minutes), getting to Whispering Woods has never been easier.

The Hacks Cross entrance to Whispering Woods is now traffic light controlled making access into the hotel easier and safer. A green "Whispering Woods Hotel" directional sign is mounted next to the traffic light.

Complimentary airport shuttle service is available to and from Memphis International Airport from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm daily. All transportation arrangements MUST be made 24 hours in advance with the hotel’s front desk staff for your return trip contact the front desk 24 hours prior to departure to arrange return transportation to Memphis International Airport.

Please call 662-895-2941 to make a reservation Mon-Fri 7 am – 10 pm.

Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center
11200 East Goodman Road
Olive Branch, MS 38654

Telephone: (662) 895-2941
Fax: (662) 895-1590

--=={ MFM Spirituality Track}==--

We are looking for panelists! If you can share your expertise or you have resources you would like us to include in this year's topics, please contact us. I guarantee we'll have you working overtime. We've been very busy since September. The cultural theme chosen for 2010 is The Cradle of Civilization: Your Furry Journey Begins Here! Here's our tentative panel proposals:

Life is what happens when you're making other plans.

Circumstances have forced a change of topic. We'd initially intended to cover African mythology in celebration of MFM's new life but we discovered, to our dismay, that so very many of the books were missing from our libraries, out of print, or prohibitively expensive that we simply couldn't give you the quality programming you've come to anticipate from us.

Enter, strangely enough, the movie "Lawrence of Arabia". We watched it...and then read his autobiography...and then read his biographies. Through the infamous Uncrowned King of the Desert, we discovered a culture with even older roots --- older than Africa, older than Egypt.

We proudly present to you The Cradle of Civilization: Your Furry Journey Begins Here!

We'll be looking at the mythologies of the people who lived in the deltas between the Tigris and Euprhates in what we now call the Middle East. This is a series of cultures rife with anthropomorphic potential: scorpion bodied men, gryphons, all manner of mythological and existing beasts. Think "The Mummy" or "Epic of Gilgamesh", shifting sands and lost ruins, undiscovered intellectual treasures! Drag out your khakis, strap on your pith helmet and join us as we explore this area so rich with human and anthropomorphic history.

We will, of course, also be offering the standard panels you have come to expect:

Introduction to Meditation - Don't know how? Need a refresher? Just need a moment to calm your mind and relax away from the joyful chaos of a furry convention? This panel goes over useful techniques requiring no mats, complicated poses, or incenses. We'll give you the basic tools you need for contacting your spirit guide or totem animal.

Guided Meditation - Put what you learned in the first panel to good use. We'll take you on a carefully designed journey which will allow you to explore your psyche and open yourself to messages from the animal world. This year, weather permitting, we'll have the opportunity for the very first time to perform this meditation in a natural environment. Who knows what you might discover?

That's Bull...- Very prominent and important in Middle Eastern mythology, we'll be taking a closer look at the common cow. Why was it so important to them? How did it come to be associated with kings?
Come find out, you're in for a treat...an that's no bull.

By special request, we are doing an encore presentation of The Bear. If you missed this one last year, you will definitely want to catch it this year. We plan on bringing back one past panel each year by special request so let us know which ones you want to see. These do not have to be related to the year's chosen culture.

As a compliment to our meditation panel, Simtra will be offering a short yoga class. Learn some animal poses and get the kinks out of your body so that your mind can concentrate on other things.

If you want to follow along, you should periodically check out our blog on the MFM web site. We list which books we'll be using and, when possible, where you can get them. We also have a wish list. If you're feeling generous, buy us books! Each year, we rack up enough library fees to rebuild Alexandria. Want to know what we need? It's right here:


We have so much more planned. Further dispatches as events warrant.

-=={Physically Challenged in the Furry Community}==-

Join Rukario in an entertaining and informative “round-table” discussion about being physically challenged in the furry community, and some personal experiences on how the Furry Community has impacted his life.

Fursuiting for the Physically Challenged
Panel Description:
In this panel Rukario, a fursuiter from New York City, discusses challenges about being physically challenged and being an active fursuiter, discusses the rewards and the challenges of how costuming has impacted his life. In this roundtable discussion, participants ask questions, and active participation is encouraged.

--=={ Gaming Information }==--

Wanna come out and play? This year's gaming track will have lots of opportunities for you to play your favorite games and learn some new ones as well. The gaming lounge is open most of the con, starting
after breakfast and running at least until after the unofficial traditional game of Are You a Werewolf? around midnight. We will have lots of games (board, card, strategy, etc.) but you are welcome to bring your own as well.

Looking for an opportunity to gain volunteer hours during the convention? Come demonstrate or run a game in the gaming lounge. You don't have to be a "Game Master", just have a willingness and patience
to show others how to play.

Also, we will be continuing the annual Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament to benefit Tiger Haven. Look for information in the future about how to sign up and help us raise money for the kitties. We are also looking for donations for prizes, so if you have something in mind (artists and dealers in particular), email either
caritas_skunk@windstream.net or demariana@gmail.com.

--=={ Fursuits, Fursuits, Fursuits!!! }==-

We have no better hotel than at MFM for Fursuits! All of the hotel floors have ramp access!! No elevators if you don't want to use them! We have a new wonderful facility and we plan to use it to it's fullest this year! This year we will have some great programming organized by our Fursuit Track Head - Ryngs Rat, Fursuit Games organized by Gilmore Lion and this year we will be introducing the Fursuit Toy Box!! No set Fursuit event going on and you want to frolic? We will have all kings of things like hula hoops, balls and other toys for the Fursuiters to play with!!

--=={ Registration }==--

We know it's all fun and games, but hey, we have to pay our bills too! That's where registration comes in. We strive to keep our prices low and have not had a price increase in over 6 years. We know you work hard to earn your money, so we try to give you the most bang for your con-going buck. Not only do we have a regular membership, but if you have some more money to spend and want to help out the convention, sign up for one of our higher levels. We'll even give you some nice thank you gifts for giving us your extra dough.

Registration for MFM is now open. Please go to our website to register:

Include a tshirt and program mailed to you. Does NOT include a membership for
you to attend the convention but does allow you to pay a reduced price of $20 at
the door for a total admission of $35.

Includes a free tshirt and admission to the ice cream social
Now to August 1, 2010: $35

Includes a limited edition print and a special special thank you gift

Includes everything above AND your print is framed, you get a cocktail party
with the GOH AND a special Supersponsor shirt

Please remember, all attendees MUST present photo identification (driver's license, passport, college or military I.D.) when registering/checking in at the event. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS MADE. Also anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have a notarized letter giving them permission to be at MFM (email mfmdirector@hotmail.com with any questions)

--=={ MFM Needs You! }==--

MFM needs volunteers, are you interested in helping make MFM 14 the best Furmeet ever? You can earn time and a half for helping initial set-up and teardown Thursday and Monday. So, for every 1 hour you work those days, you earn 1.5 hours!
More info can be found here: http://www.mephitfurmeet.org/volunteering

--=={ Room and Rideshare Board! }==--

Need a Ride to MFM? Need a place to sleep when you get there? On our web page http://www.mephitfurmeet.org you can post a message on the room and ride share lists and find all you need

--=={ Tiger Haven Auction }==--

Tiger Haven is a safe haven for big cats. Tiger Haven rescues large cats such as lions, tigers, and panthers from all over the United States. These big cats may be anything from older circus or zoo cats, to cats that were obtained illegally or were neglected or abused. Once these cats have been rescued by Tiger Haven, they have a forever home. Tiger Haven is a no kill shelter that does not sell or breed their cats.

Tiger Haven started with just one cat many years ago and has grown to over 250 big cats. All these cats require enclosures to live in, food and veterinary care. These costs add up and care for each cat costs thousands each year. Tiger Haven is a nonprofit organization, which means that they rely on donations from caring individuals. The auction held each year at Mephit Fur Meet is often the largest single contributer to Tiger Haven. Beyond the normal care for the big cats, the money raised at MFM has built multiple enclosures for Tiger Haven. These are nice enclosures that become a forever home for a big cat in need.

Tiger Haven is located in eastern Tennessee and usually affords MFM a couple of their long time workers to be with us at MFM and at the charity auction. This is not a nameless, faceless organization that we are blindly helping. These workers will happily answer any questions you have about Tiger Haven. These people work hard everyday to ensure these big cats have a safe and comfortable home for life.

Money or items donated to the charity auction held every year at MFM all go directly to Tiger Haven to be used to help these big cats in need. These big cats cannot personally thank you but their appreciation for their great care is seen everyday by the workers of Tiger Haven. On behalf of these big cats who now enjoy a safe home in the caring walls of Tiger Haven we wish to thank you for any help you can give.

--=={ Programming }==--

We are diligently working to get programming for MFM 2010 set. With the new facility we have a lot of new opportunities for space and events - both indoor and outdoor! If you have suggestions or ideas for panels/events, please let us know before June 15th, as that is our cutoff deadline for programming. We can't wait to see you there!

Want to share your knowledge? If you would like to take on the task of heading up a panel, email the name and a brief description of your panel to our programming director,Wolfpaws, Contact Information can be found at http://www.mephitfurmeet.org/programming

--=={ LAN Gaming Information }==--

Once again this year, MFM will be featuring LAN gaming. Bring your machine and participate in a free-for-all-furry-fragfest! The LAN will have (at least) limited Megabit support this year. We'll also have some new games. Expect to see a lot of the newest games! Requests are welcome. We are also planning a couple exhibition matches you won't want to miss. More details on these in the near future.

--=={ Video Room }==--

The MFM Video Room, serving your Viewing Pleasure!

The Video Room Staff is psyched to bring together a brand-new video room befitting the brand-new hotel, featuring a new high-quality 7.1 surround sound system, a huge 8 foot screen and plenty of seating. We also hope to screen selected features in higher resolution, bringing the VR closer to a theater experience than ever before. Continuing on the successes of last year, we're bringing you a fresh batch of Furry, including new releases, some classic favorites and rarely-seen treats with free popcorn available throughout the con. Other new and exciting developments may be forthcoming, including something for those who like to heckle bad movies and even for those who like to draw. The MFM Video Room - making sure "welcome home" includes a living room.

--=={ Writing Track }==--

The furry fandom has a special take on several artforms; graphic art, puppeteering and fursuiting all come to mind. But only furry authors thrive on the stuff of pure imagination, undiluted by mundane material limits and free to cast their spells upon the canvas of the naked mind. At our new home in 2010, Mephit's Writing track will explore the nuts and bolts of how to craft art from the stuff of dreams, as well as offer chances for furry authors and publishers to just get together and talk shop. We've been exploring the creative process for many years at Mephit, and have had a ton of fun along the way. So, come join us and see what it's all about!

--=={ MFM Art Track }==--

Artists wanted (SHAMWOW!)
We need you, please come and draw, paint, sculpt, weld,tattoo(well...maybe not tattoo..or welding) or whatever you specialty is and email me at smurfs4ever @ hotmail.com about hosting a panel.

I promise we will have easels that actually work this year;)

--=={ MFM Critter ConSuite }==--

This year's Critter ConSuite will once again have a wide variety of snackies for this year's attendees with the traditional Cafe Karina Bagel Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. Karina is contemplating ways of integrating this year's theme into both decor and food. Suggestions will be cheerfully welcomed and considered.

--=={ MFM Masquerade }==--

MFM wouldn't be the same without the Masq. Never fear though, there will be a Masq this year. If you are a fursuiter or pawpetter you are invited to join in and present an act. Just contact Blue Heeler SunFire
for any details or information. It's fun and exciting.

The sound echo'd around the town. The whistle, that same whistle that always meant the same thing. This time, it was different. Well, the whistle wasn't different, the fox running down the street towards the whistle was different. He was late, yes, that's what the whistle meant, he was late. As he rounded the corner, he could see it. The boat was slowly back paddling away from the shore. He cried out, and fortunatly the deck workers noticed him and didn't fully raise the gang plank. There was a few shaken hands between them as the fox got closer and closer. He took the pack off his back and tossed it, hitting the ramp as with practice. He then jumped himself, arms flailing. There was much discussion on the deck of the boat, until the fox pulled himself up on the ramp. Some coins changed hands as one of the gentleman stepped forward to the fox. "Someday, You won't make it." The boats whistle chimed off again as the mighty ship started down the lazy river. "But you made it this time, welcome home." The deckhand patted the fox on the back and lead him towards the interior.

That's right, time is approaching for those immortal words, "Welcome Home." Of course with thoughts of MFM coming up, the famous Masquerade is also approaching. Time is shorter than you might think, so make sure you are planning and preparing for the excellent acts that always grace our stage. Of course, our sound doggy would like to remind you that you should bring a CD or USB thing with only your song on it. Double check your song on a different source than you recorded it on to make sure it works regardless. I will have the sign up on Friday night, and would like to know what acts are being planned. Sunday is practice then the performance. The theme of this year is Southern Hospitality.

Blue Heeler SunFire

--=={ MFM First Aid Hints! }==--

Greetings from the land of cold weather!!

After a nice, cold, snowy winter here in Pittsburgh, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of some very important things. We on the Medical staff are here to help you have a healthy and incident free con experience. With that in mind, we would like to remind everyone that as wild as the weather can be, MFM has traditionally been very hot and humid. PLEASE drink plenty of water. I know spending time in fursuit is fun and that some suiters see this as what they should do the entire con. We want you all to have fun and enjoy yourselves, but please take advantage of the Headless Lounge to stop for a while and cool off and drink something. And for our non suiters, feel free to drop by the con suite and grab something to drink. Its easy during these times to get some very serious medical problems, including heat exhaustion and heat stroke. And please remember to have a fair sized meal during the day, your body will need all the energy it can get to enjoy all the fun activities that are planned. On a personal note, i would like to encourage everyone who takes medication to make yourself a list of all your medications and allergies and keep them near your license/ID just in the worst case we have to have someone taken by ambulance. We just want everyone to have a good time. Again, please remember that we are here to help you, so if you need medical assistance with something, find any member of staff and ask them to contact the medical team. Thank you all and I hope to see you all there. Also, the medical staff does not have any drugs. We do not carry Aspirin or Tylenol or Motrin or Advil or Bennadryl. If you have allergies or headaches or anything else you need medication for, please bring it.

On behalf of the entire staff, the medical staff would like again to welcome you home to our new home, Whispering Woods. Our Medical head, Goliath, who has been coming to MFM since MFM 2004, and is a practicing paramedic and paramedic instructor, would like to announce that this year he is proud to have restructured the medical staff to serve you better. He would like to welcome Ashley Fox and Tigeris Tiger, his assistants, and the rest of his staff to a new beginning and new procedures. If you are experiencing any medical issues at the convention, feel free to stop by Con Ops on the Mezzanine level and ask for a medical staff member. We will have a dedicated room to discuss things with you and try to do our best to help you out of public con space where everyone could crowd around you. Also, any staff member can contact the medical staff, so if you’re out and about and need a member of medical, find any staff member and ask them to contact us. If you have medical experience and would be interested in helping out at various times during the con, please come by Con Ops and talk to Goliath. If he isn’t there when you stop by, please leave some contact information with either the med/security dispatcher or with any other Ops personnel and they will get it to him.


--=={ MFM Security Information }==--

Your MFM Security staff is diligently preparing for our first convention in our new home. You can easily recognize security staff at the convention by looking for the bright Animal Control Vests they wear. Please take a moment to read our code of conduct, and ask for clarification on any rule you are unsure of. This is going to be our BEST year yet, and your Security staff will be there keeping watch.

Even though we have moved to an area with a substantially lower crime rate, there are some basic things you can do to protect your personal belongings whenever you travel. Remove all valuables from your car. This includes GPS, Cell Phones, computers, and even radar detectors. Do not have items out in the open to temp passersby. Lock your doors, both car and hotel room, and do not leave cash or valuables out in the open in your room. Following these simple precautions can help make your MFM 2010 an enjoyable weekend. Are you interested in working with Security at the con? Just contact our Volunteer Coordinator and request security.

See you at MFM


--=={ Dance/Karaoke Information }==--

Its that time of year again to shake some tails and Attempt to impress (or embarrass) your friends!

Hang out with old friends and meet some new ones at Our Thursday Night Karaoke Jet-lag party,
Shake your booty on Friday night with DJ. PistolPup and friends for Our Friday Night Club Jam,
and Come One Come all to Our Saturday Late Nite Karaoke Party.

--=={ Share Your Interests With Others }==--

MFM recognizes the diversity in interests among its attendees. In an effort to provide folks with special interests with a place to meet and greet, MFM will allow groups to make use of its unused space, free of cost, to its attendees. For more information, please contact Tyger Cowboy. This will be provided on a 'first come, first served' basis.

--=={ Mailing Lists }==--

General chat for those interested in or attending MFM 2005 can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mfm-chat
We also have direct mailing lists for news and related posts regarding MFM. This information can be found on our website. Also on our website is a new and improved message board system where you can post your thoughts.

--=={ Dealer's Den }==--

Have something to sell? We have the space for you. Registration is currently
open for the dealer's room for MFM 2010. Rates start at $25 for one table. Full
details and registration paperwork can be found at:


Dealer's tables don't come with any membership, so one must be purchased
separately at time of registering as a dealer

--=={ Program Book }==--

Conbook needs flair!

Give us your art!
Give us your short stories!
Make your 2010 MFM conbook pretty!

Email me! Get in touch via email at http://www.mephitfurmeet.org/conbook

Want to Advertise in the program book? Great! Here's the lowdown on costs:
Inside the book:
$40 for a full page
$25 for a half page
$15 for a quarter page

Cover Ads (Full page only):
$50 inside covers
$75 outside rear cover

Advertisements should be in black & white or grayscale. Ads can be either emailed or sent by postal service. Payment for advertisements should be remitted to our main address (provided at the end of this message) Ad space will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.

MFM 14………BE THERE!!!!

SO Get ready….get set……GET REGISTERED!!!!

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