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some one made a post Of my work with incorrect information

Hey I have No clue what to do I was Informed from a friend some work I was doing for someone whom is being Rather rude, in the description. The suiter Broke contract By calling my friends, and going to my brother in-laws home to "find me". So I gave them the suit with A never talk to me warning for their stalking and harassment. this "kassandra watson" Never built the suit My self Nataya Em Rawrz and my Husband Kazer dragon wolf built the suit for 325.00, we Gave it to said person At megaplex 2011 and he broke it and I offered repairs. it stat's I'm not open for commissions... I never made an account On the fursuit data base.... So how can I not be open for commissions when i am open for commissions?

I am confused By this What do?

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