Fursuits browse mode

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ah yes it's still on ;)

Well I finally took some time to add a browse mode to the fursuit database. :)

On that new page you can choose one of the listed browsing option, and it'll display the results in the new 'browse mode'.

Basically it displays bigger photos, with more infos, and also makes use of more space.
Just like in the search results list mode, you can choose how many results to display and navigate from page to page.

There are also 3 different browsing mode:
- full, it displays the suit photo with all the infos
- photo with name: well it says what it does ;) just displays the photo with the fursuit name
- photo only: just the photos
it allows for a nice visual browsing, as I can fit much more that way :)
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Marly Weeh
  • timduru

1000th fursuit in the Fursuit database :)

And we have a winner :)

We had a previous winner who got the ID 1000

Unfortunately there is no price to win, just my thanks to everyone for keeping adding your suits to the database, and spreading the word :)

I still think it's not growing up as fast as it should be,
but I guess it's also partly because of our lack of advertising and updates.

More updates coming in a few weeks as time permits hopefully :)

In the meantime, go, go add your suits to the Database,
and force your friends so that they do the same ;)
There are still many of you that I know of who have fursuits that I don't see in the Database,
it's a pain sometime to find information on your suits
while it would be easy to simply look into the Database to find almost any fursuit infos :P
So shame on you !

But fortunately you can fix that unforgivable mistake and add you fursuit now,
and you'll get a free meerkat hug ticket in return ;)
  • timduru

Fursuiter Map

Yeah it's alive ;))

I've Added the first version of the fursuiter map.
The gps coordinates have been updated for all users, if you change part of your address/city/country, it'll be recalculated.
If you see that it's not the right coordinates, you can force the latitude and longitude in your profile.
Map code based on Deinonychus71's version.
Hopefully I can add more features and browsing / navigation too as time permit.
  • takatha

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I have been frustrated with jaw sets that are not proportional to fur suit heads, so I decided to sculpt and cast my own! I made the master from model clay, and I used Smooth on ROTO in a platinum cure silicone rubber mold. This set is REALLY light, as its not a solid cast, but rather a shell. The teeth are solid, and the whole thing is quite strong. Total investment: $100 and alot of time.

Here are some pics:

these are still unpainted...

SO, why didnt I just buy taxidermy teeth? Well, here is a picture to give you an idea how big this jaw set is, Wuwka (in the picture) is a 105lb husky mix for scale!!

the master

Okay, an odd question.

I am planning to go to FWA in february and so I have a suit I want to make.

The issue is that it is from a cartoon (anime) character, so the head is large, somewhere between round and oval, and very cartoony, with little change in shape.

I have looked at links and memories here, and I don't see any help with trying to make an oval/round shaped head with little in the way of cheeks or muzzle. I want to make it out of plastic mesh but I am very worried about how to keep the shape. I was hoping to use little to no foam, so it is nice an breathable. can you put fur over bare mesh? This will be short pile black and white fur that I will be using.

Here is a picture of my design.

Sorry about the crappiness, I just whipped it up using a mouse and Photoshop. I don't have a fancy tablet. :)

Yes, it is a panda, but it won't be a super realistic panda, it is a cartoon character, so the head is going to have to be oversized. that is another thing that worries me on how to do it. I can make a plastic mesh head that fits close, but I am not sure how to make it round and oversize and not make it look all wonky.

So can you guys help me out?

Thanks in advance.